Brokis Lighting presents ” a Touch of Light “

With the arrival of spring, BROKIS launched sales of a new light called Ivy Battery, which can be easily picked up and moved whenever the moment calls for a little more light. Ivy Battery is a touch-sensitive nomadic light that lends a special ambience to interiors, gardens, or terraces. It’s also an excellent choice for restaurant tables, lobby bars, and other hospitality settings. ?

What does the designer of the light, Lucie Koldova, have to say about it? Check out the attached video and be inspired.

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Brokis Ivy Table Battery by Lucie Koldova is the latest addition to the already substantial Ivy family, which is inspired by nature and its life-giving beauty. Just as a plant grows and climbs up the wall of a house, so too does Ivy branch out in different directions. The collection offers a special modular system for a highly innovative take on variable decorative lighting in vertical and horizontal compositions. The new battery-powered table version is somewhat smaller than the original Ivy Table, which makes it easy to move from one place to another and create unique lighting experiences anywhere, anytime.

The battery-powered lights are not the only new products BROKIS is coming out with. The brand is also devoting considerable resources to the continued development and innovation of some its existing collections, such as the Puro family of lights and the introduction of Puro Floor by designer Lucie Koldova, an exciting new floor light that easily becomes one of the most prominent features in any setting.