Design wall lamps from Knikerboker

Design wall lamps create a homely lighting atmosphere and become decorative elements in the living area and can vary from classic to modern solutions. Different combinations of materials and coverings open the choice to a variety of lamps adaptable to different contexts, thanks to the versatile design of these accessories. In Knikerboker’s rich catalogue, you can find the right wall lamp to better control the lighting and highlight the spaces you want to illuminate. The design of wall lamps is suitable to be the object of stylistic and material experiments due to the versatile character of this element. For example, if you care about the plants in your home wall lamp Solaria was designed to maintain and nourish through mercury light the plants throughout the calendar year thanks to its low energy consumption and an illumination able to stimulate photosynthesis process. An alternative to the traditional light point is this lamp, Confusion, which contains all its beauty in its name. This project consistently implements the philosophy of handicraft. An aluminium wire, formed into irregular shapes, is hooked to avoid precise patterns and accentuate the innovative concept. Discover the lamps in our fabulous range of wall lamps on our website. Unique, modern and designer products available on Knikerboker.

Design Wandleuchten von Knikerboker