How to illuminate a home furnished with minimal style

The minimalist style is becoming a constant in modern homes, and to achieve excellent results in your home in terms of lighting, you need to know that you only need a small number of light points as long as they are well distributed. Only with proper lighting can you highlight the size of the spaces in each room and fully show off an interior design style that is increasingly common and typical of the big city.

Take a look at our tips:

If you want to emphasise a minimal style in rooms that generally require more elegance and attention to detail, such as the living room, study and bedroom, be sure to focus on the essentials: Floor lamps can be an excellent idea for rooms dedicated to reading. For this reason, you can also reconsider the classic round metal chandeliers: not only are they unobtrusive, but they don’t always illuminate your living room perfectly; you can consider a solution with a more refined design instead. On the sides of the bed, illuminated cubes or table lamps are instead an excellent choice full of comfort.

In the bathroom, too, the lighting must perfectly match the furniture you have chosen for your home. So think about optimising the space with LED strips placed above the mirror, perhaps in combination with recessed spotlights at the most strategic points, and then consider the essential geometries of the ceiling lights or a design element that can take their place.

When lighting a minimal-style home, two aspects must always be kept in balance, namely natural light and the position and type of artificial lighting. In any case, it is good to be surrounded by natural light as much as possible and to obstruct the incoming sunlight as little as possible. Only when the sun goes down do you have to resort to artificial light.