IP44.de aqu S+aqu M are lamps with solar panel

The IP44.DE Aqu M is an outdoor table lamp that can be operated wirelessly. The lamp collects its own energy during the day via an integrated solar panel and emits it in the form of light in the evening. Depending on the brightness level set, the battery lasts between four and twelve hours. The brightness can be adjusted in three steps via a dimmer on the lamp. As an alternative to the solar panel, the lamp can also be charged via the USB-C cable supplied. The Aqu M emits its light in all directions and especially downwards, creating circular light reflections around the lamp. Thanks to its practical handle, this is an extremely mobile table lamp. It is made of crystal glass and powder-coated cast aluminium. The Aqu M by IP44.DE is offered in the versions white, black, gold and bronze. With the IP65 protection rating, the outdoor luminaire is dustproof and protected against water jets. Pleasing when a modern lamp is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly intelligent. The aqu S + aqu M lamps collect energy during the day and release it again in the evening in the form of exceptionally brilliant light. Their integrated solar panel plus the powerful rechargeable battery provide many hours of pleasant brightness. So beautiful that you would love to take the lamp from IP44.de indoors (and you can): with its gently curved handle, aqu can be carried wherever a real ray of light is needed. The aqu has already been nominated for the Award: German Sustainability Award Design 2021!

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktx9qBx5qjE” width=”420″ height=”240″]