New lamps from the Beto Office series by XAL

Extremely slim and powerful – the BETO Office range presents itself elegantly as a line that combines successful room design. The luminaire series offers the best workplace lighting suitable for computer screens: as a free-standing luminaire, as a suspended lamp and as a linear or curved system variant – a multifunctional lighting solution for a homogeneous appearance. Immerse yourself in the variety of BETO versions. At just 42x42mm, the appearance of the BETO Office lamps range is as elegant as a line that connects or divides a successful room design – a matter of opinion. The best workplace lighting paired with slim design is available here as a free-standing luminaire, as a suspended lamp and as a linear or curved system variant. BETO offers a multifunctional lighting solution with a homogeneous appearance. With BETO, a luminaire series was to be created that provides the best working light in a minimalist form and at the same time allows maximum design freedom – be it through form or colour. This gave rise to the idea of individual modules that are strung together like building blocks.

Straight or curved elements in different angles can be lined up as desired. The series is completed by two circular elements. The result is a lighting solution that can do both: simple, minimalist design that stays in the background or eye-catching elements that stage the room and become an eye-catcher. BETO is a highly flexible concept for almost any line layout. Light where needed. BETO relies on excellent, glare-free light – exactly where it is needed. The arrangement of the reflectors and the targeted use of blind covers direct the light precisely onto the work surface and reduce reflections. As an office lamp, BETO guarantees standard-compliant illumination of workstations (up to UGR < 13). A 170° indirect light component with a very wide beam spread thanks to special lens technology distributes the light homogeneously in the room, reduces the contrast to the room surroundings and thus creates a pleasant feeling of space.

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