Puk lamps from Top Light brighten up a new building

And not without reason. Because the lamps of the Puk series have won several awards. In the categories of functionality and product benefit as well as in design and material quality, the lamp was awarded Trend Product of the Year 2017/2018 at the HOME & TREND AWARD. The lamps also won the PLUS X AWARD in 2017/2018 in terms of quality, design and functionality. Already in the years before, the unique lamp had been awarded in various categories and award ceremonies.

“Why the products from the Puk series are so special is also evident in the new building in Bad Kreuznach.”

In the central staircase, the heart of the building, the Top Light Puk Wall lamps are used. The simple but appealing lamp creates functional but atmospheric lighting in the entrance area. Like all other lamps of the Puk series, the wall lamp was designed by Top Light designer Rolf Ziel. When viewed from the outside, the stylish wall lighting ensures that the building with its striking staircase is perfectly staged. The play of light on the wall, which is also visible from the outside, loosens up the atmosphere in the stairwell.

In the interior, both the Puk Turn ceiling lamps and the Puk Drop pendant lamps are used. Above the counter in the entrance area, the pendant lamps create an impressive play of light thanks to their complex lens, which impressively welcomes customers and guests to the building. Only recently, these lamps won the I-NOVO AWARD, a special prize awarded by renowned and influential architects. In Bad Kreuznach, it becomes clear why the Puk Drop is so popular: the lamps create a special eye-catcher that, in addition to providing effective light, also creates an atmospheric ambience. The Puk Turn ceiling luminaire is used to illuminate paintings, but also to play with light on the wall. With its expressive design and unique lighting, this lamp fits particularly well with the impressive style of the building.

By choosing the lamps, all of which come from the excellent Puk World series, lighting designer Hans Josef Henrich has achieved an ideal symbiosis. The convincing interplay of light and shadow makes the building an absolute eye-catcher not only indoors but also from the outside. The lighting effect achieved by the Puk World lamps makes it clear how important a suitable lighting solution is for the appearance of a building.