The Anglepoise Type 1228 lamp series

The Anglepoise Type 1228 lighting family includes a table, a wall, a floor, a clamp and a recessed luminaire. All lamps from this series have flexible lamp arms that can be adjusted again and again using spring-loaded technology. The spring tension technology used in the Anglepoise lamps was already developed in 1935 by the British industrial designer George Carwadine. It also ensures that the arms of the luminaire retain every set position. In addition, the lampshade of all lamps in this series can be swivelled and rotated. From the inside, the shade is always white; from the outside, it is available in granite grey, ice white and ocean blue. When switched on, the lampshade appears brighter than when it is switched off. The arms of the lamp and the upper part of the shade are made of brushed aluminium in all versions. The coloured part of the lampshade is made of two-layer polypropylene. An on/off switch is integrated on the lampshade. LED retrofit or compact fluorescent lamps can be used as light bulbs.