The Foscarini Havana a Classic Design by Jozeph Forakis

In the dynamic and ever-changing world of design, there are some creations that stand the test of time and become iconic symbols of innovation and creativity. Havana by Jozeph Forakis is one of these creations, celebrating its 30th anniversary today. An iconic lamp that has managed to enter households and the collective imagination, becoming a new lamp archetype. Born in 1993, Havana has established itself as a new lighting object: a half-height luminaire, almost a new typology, with an important and very visible diffuser body that distributes the light from the centre. A familiar figure, a “character” with which you can build a personal relationship, which blends easily into any environment and characterises it with its warm light.
The development process, from idea to product, was meticulous and gradual. The first prototypes made of glass and fibreglass were heavy and expensive and had the disadvantage of letting little light through, which meant that the lightness and irony inherent in the concept was lost. In a revolutionary step, the decision was taken to abandon glass in favour of plastic, which was a decisive moment for Foscarini. A decision that has contributed significantly to what Foscarini has become today. A company that chooses to always put design at the centre, without setting limits and without compromising in order to fully develop the spirit of each project. Remember Jozeph Forakis: the Foscarini Havana was the first plastic lamp produced by Foscarini. It was a bit of a risk, but Foscarini proved to be very brave and decided to take a chance on this absolute novelty.” The success of Havana has not been without its challenges. Initially received with scepticism by some retailers, it soon became a design archetype. Its inclusion in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York in 1995 was a defining moment that confirmed its importance in design history. In its 30-year history, the Foscarini Havana has been presented in different colour and functional variants, including an outdoor version, without ever losing its unmistakable shape and its extraordinary ability to evoke an emotional echo with its warm and familiar presence.

Foscarini Havana Stehleuchte