The Ingo Maurer Light Floating Reflection

The internationally renowned lamp manufacturer Ingo Maurer returns to Milan’s city centre with an extraordinary presence. On the occasion of Euroluce and Milan Design Week 2023, the team convinces with an impressive light installation at a new location: on its own traffic island stands the Porta Nuova, Caselli, a large archway with two adjacent buildings. A 30-metre-long “carpet” extends through the arch, a wooden platform painted in striking fluorescent colours. Above it rise sails made of reflective material, supported by a rope structure that hovers above the ground and is stretched at a height of 3 to 5 metres. The surface absorbs the colours and light of the surroundings and reflects its own interpretation of them. For visitors, this creates the impression that not only the floor but also the ceiling above them has been covered in colour. The crumpling of the material, its own movement and external thermal influences intensify this effect and create a unique atmosphere. However, the staging not only offers a radiant play of colours during the day, but also unfolds an intense effect at night through targeted illumination of the floor.

Die Ingo Maurer Light Floating Reflection