The lighting manufacturer Vistosi presents its Virtual Museum

History sometimes follows different ways and often, with a stroke of genius, to take the path of the future. Vistosi decided, last July, to enter the Metaverse of light with a Museum so far unprecedented. Just one click and the Vistosi world becomes accessible to all customers, interior designers and the curious driven by the desire to learn more about the collections. For the first time the famous Swiss studio, atelier oï, designed a construction site without foundations but only using digital scaffolding developed by the Hive Hub and Wow Solution teams for almost two years. In the inner boulevard, there are more than 80 collections. Entering the Metaverse is easy and impressive. The tour begins like a movie: the magic of Venice seen from a view from the top, continues with a flight to Murano, where reality turns into a dream. The virtual museum is there, in a concrete place, between water and land, masterfully reproduced, ready to welcome its guests with a thousand services. Inside, the space is perfectly distributed and meticulously designed: a gallery with Led technologies used by the company, leads to a meeting room and to the huge space, the News Pavilion, designed to present new products and temporary exhibitions. There is room for the imagination, but also for a lot of content and insights, and for those who want there is a Personal Assistant to guide the guest through the tour. An obligatory stop, the glass factory brought back to Murano for this occasion, capable of revealing the secrets of production and all the magic of glass.