Free flowing lighting solutions

In our creative and production workshop, we experiment daily with new shapes to develop distinctive and stimulating decorative ideas. However, we keep a close eye on international taste trends and the success that “free-flowing” lighting solutions such as “cluster” chandeliers have enjoyed. These are artistic ceiling compositions made of hand-blown glass elements that form floating clouds and have a strong emotional and decorative component. The light component of these suspensions is realized by integrating LED spotlights into the ceiling, which illuminate the glass elements suspended on thin steel cables and special fittings. For an even stronger effect, the light can also be integrated into the volume of the composition. In this case, special ceiling electrics must be provided and the light sources are housed in the glass elements. Over the years and thanks to the comparison with different projects around the world, we have developed specific solutions depending on the location: Staircases, halls, lounges, conference rooms, theaters, etc. A wide range of proposals for interior designers who need to meet the budgetary requirements of their clients. Thanks to the synergy between the technical area and the in-house production, we are able to respond quickly to the designer’s requests, making us the ideal partner for any customized project.

frei fließende Beleuchtungslösung