A new ceiling light from Kreon the Holon 60

The Kreon Holon is a range of cylindrical downlights for surface-mounting, track-mounting and pendant use, characterised by their compact shape and low-lying LED position, providing a subtle sense of light without visual discomfort. The range is now also available with a 60 mm diameter, closing the gap between the existing Kreon Holon dimensions.

With a choice of fixed or directional units that can be ceiling or track mounted, kreon holon offers a discreet yet functional solution for general or accent lighting in architecture. Finished in black or pure white.

Beauty is not created by adding another detail, but by leaving out the last. The design of our collection represents a way of thinking that uncompromisingly reduces each product to its essential components. Luminosity and illuminance are the main objectives. The lamp, a detail that can reflect and integrate with the architecture with the purest form that enhances its surroundings, requires a deep understanding of the essence and unifying components of architectural styles. These components can be summarised in basic forms that Kreon uses in its products. This design approach assumes that the details of an object are not merely decorative, but contribute to the essence of the product as a whole. In their simplest form, Kreon’s products are not strict minimalism, but architectural objects that communicate with the space, regardless of style. Combined with careful planning, this represents the true meaning of “architectural lighting”.

Kreon, the purity of light, gives you the opportunity to create the conditions that bring out the beauty of architecture.

Eine neue Deckenleuchte von Kreon die Holon 60