Vibia Sticks lamp wins the Best of Year Award

Vibia’s Sticks lamp collection has received Interior Design’s Best of Year Award for Architectural Lighting. The magazine’s prestigious annual awards recognise the most significant works of the year by architects, designers and manufacturers from around the world. Sticks, designed by Arik Levy, offers a creative toolkit for integrating light into space. The lamp collection unites technology, space and architecture through minimalist aluminium light sticks that transform linear light into floating sculptures. Available in three sizes, the lighting rods can also be combined and have the ability to rotate on their own axis to direct light exactly where it is needed. Custom configurations can be ceiling to ceiling, wall to wall, floor to wall, wall to ceiling or ceiling to open space. With their pure, graphic design, the light sticks create and disrupt architectural planes, allowing for endless interior design possibilities.

The Sticks light collection by Vibia offers a creative lighting toolkit for integrating lighting paths indoors, fusing technology, space and architecture. The clear and graphic appearance of the minimalist light sticks made of aluminium transform the linear light into a floating sculpture.

Vibia Sticks Leuchte gewinnt den Best of Year Award