A new era of lighting: we present Plusminus

Plusminus, designed by Stefan Diez, is a groundbreaking new lighting system that gives invisible electric current a material body and thus makes it possible to bring light into all desired forms. At the heart of the Plusminus system is a flexible textile ribbon woven in such a way that it imperceptibly integrates conductive fibres. Various lamps can be attached anywhere along the textile band using the click-and-connect function, illuminating the room immediately and offering complete freedom of design.
No matter what lighting you need, Plusminus makes it possible. The conductive textile tape can be cut to any length, creating lighting constellations of any kind.
The fabric can form gentle curves and serve as a support for pendant lamps or elegant chandeliers. Alternatively, the textile ribbon can be applied tightly, drawing precise, geometric light tracks, suitable for office spaces, for example. Or you can divide the space by creating dramatic light installations and luminous room dividers. If you can draw it, Plusminus can make it happen.
Various lamps can be attached to each textile strip. Diez has designed them to serve any purpose. The repertoire includes spheres, like radiant berries, conical and semi-circular shades that cast light around the room like trapeze artists hanging from the ceiling; there are also discrete spotlights and linear lamps for more targeted lighting. They can all be attached to the textile tape in seconds and allow you to create fully personalised lighting and atmospheres to suit any room and mood. If something needs to be adjusted, they can be removed instantly, creating an infinitely flexible system. Plusminus eliminates the distinction between traditional decorative and architectural lighting, replacing them with a single system that gives design professionals full freedom to create with light. Installation is quick and easy and, what’s more, Vibia provides a user-friendly digital platform where a range of inspiring, pre-configured lamps can be viewed, customised and personalised as desired.

Vibia Plusminus