The lamp series Cell of the design manufacturer Karman

Over two thousand years ago, the first lanterns rose into the sky in China. The Karman Cell mimics their structure and spirit by constricting the air with a thin metal wire in white or, in the new bronze version, with a light cage that enhances their intensity. The lampshade is a luminous heart made of linen for the interior version and opal plexiglass for the exterior version, complemented by a tassel of white silk or black silk in the bronze version. The Karman Cell was designed by Matteo Ugolini. Matteo Ugolini, art director and creative director of Karman, departs from the usual designs and follows a unique and distinctive path with the company. He has no muse among the masters of the past: he only designs what he really likes. His aim is to inspire and arouse emotions, his roots are in the memory of the past and nature, with which he is deeply connected. Very often we can find nature in his creations: It comes closer to human life, as it has always done in the past. This process helps humanity to come closer to the important element from which we are all gradually moving away: nature.

Die Leuchten Serie Cell des Design Herstellers Karman