The Cala floor lamp by Marset impresses with its simple elegance.

The Marset Cala collection includes a series of floor, table and pendant lamps for indoor as well as outdoor use. They were designed by Joan Gaspar in 2012 and all provide a very cosy ambience with warm light. The beauty that emanates from the Cala lamp comes from its simple, synthetic and substantial design: a lampshade that absorbs the light without enclosing it and allows it to escape in the form of an extremely warm illumination. The supporting structure has always been made of wood, but now it is also available in black lacquered metal. This highlight of the Marset product range is characterised by a much appreciated combination: the interplay between form and function. The new Marset Cala with the supporting structure in metal is even more refined: the structure has visually less weight and thus appears more compact. Nevertheless, both versions speak the same language, where balanced proportions and harmony provide cosy lighting. Thanks to the two different versions, Cala now encompasses even more possibilities. Without question: this collection is on the rise and its new metal version offers a more neutral and versatile version.

Die Stehleuchte Cala von Marset besticht durch schlichte Eleganz