A lamp made of aluminium plates representing the waves of the sea

The Knikerboker collection includes handmade pendant and wall lights that are not only suitable for the home, but also for furnishing and lighting rooms, receptions, corridors and restaurants. For example, a ten-metre-long lamps was created that consists of various aluminium modules covered with gold leaf and handmade cuts through which the light spreads above and below the luminaire thanks to the 10W 3000°K LED COB installed. This oversized object evokes astonishment and emotion, both of which became an important part of the product. Solid but thin pieces of aluminium change their consistency and become gentle waves. Passion, precision and uniqueness of craftsmanship have enabled the creation of true works of art. An impressive luminous sculpture was created from a simple sheet of aluminium shaped by expert hands.

Eine Leuchte aus Aluminiumplatten welche die Wellen des Meeres darstellt