The new Medea lamp by Vistosi is characterised by geometric forms

The Medea collection is characterized by geometric and simple shapes. The LED source illuminates the surface and the glass at the same time, bringing towards the ceiling a part of the soft-colour light. Mounted in clusters or individually, they show a strong stylistic character, and become almost sculptures.

Die neue Medea Leuchte von Vistosi zeichnet sich durch geometrische Formen aus

After the end of the Second World War, the Vistosi company concentrated on the production of lamps under the direction of Gino and Luciano Vistosi. The current headquarters are located on an island in the lagoon of Venice. To this day, the company management invokes a long and high-quality tradition of Murano glass production that can be traced back to the 16th century. An own glass manufactory represents the heart of the glassblowing art, which is still used today for many of the manufacturer’s lamps. Experienced master craftsmen supervise the manufacturing process, which is constantly faced with new challenges due to the creativity of the designers. Another important part of the glass production is the glass cutting, which is carried out by carefully working experts. Vistosi takes care of the entire production process of its luminaires, from the production of prototypes to the quality control of the materials used and the inspection and certification of the finished products. Outstanding collections of the Italian manufacturer are for example Giogali, Ferea, Diadema and Alega. Meanwhile, many luminaires by Vistosi are also available as LED versions.