The popular Art & Design Hotel Miura has a new look

The extraordinary Art & Design Hotel Miura in the Czech Republic, which enjoys great popularity worldwide, has a new look. BROKIS art director Lucie Koldova has created a completely new atmosphere for the Miura’s main restaurant, with a wide range of products specially designed for this amazing project. Let yourself be swept away by a radiant constellation. After a successful decade, the famous Art & Design Hotel Miura has a new restaurant designed by Lucie Koldova together with architect Martin Vomastek from Studio Labor13, who is also the original creator of the Miura hotel building. The Miura Hotel is located on a flat plain surrounded by the gently sloping peaks of the Beskydy Mountains, which can be seen from the newly designed restaurant with an exceptional view. The hotel has given the site an original morphology and form that intentionally disrupts the local scale and dominates the area. From the beginning, the building has been compared to a spaceship floating in from another world. Paradoxically, the structure has turned out to be a natural element in the landscape, blending into the panorama of the adjacent foothills with its dynamic mass and undeniably enriching the site with its contrasting expressions. Lucie Koldova was asked to help develop the ambience of the space and to redesign and alter the overall layout. Ultimately, her contributions to the overall concept of the project and the facilities realised for it are remarkable. Although no structural or capacity changes were made and the spatial flow remained the same, the restaurant was given a completely new look and, above all, a new atmosphere. The core idea of the renovation was to break up the neutral layout, which is now divided into several different zones. The centre of the room is accentuated from above with a mist of fluorescent lights, under which a sturdy solid wood table provides a wonderful vantage point for guests to view the natural beauty from both sides.

The pendant lamps above the smaller tables are made of delicate spheres of hand-blown smoked glass. The restaurant serves as a stage for various lighting scenes from the BROKIS portfolio, designed by Lucie Koldova. Starting with a brighter mode for the morning hours, the intensity of the lighting is gradually dimmed as dusk approaches until a darker lounge mood is achieved. The largest mass of light hangs in the form of a large central mist composed of the Puro Single collection with vertical light tubes reminiscent of cigars. Their diffuse light, in combination with the individual bell lights, creates a magic that raises the dynamics of the room to a new level. The alternating matt and shiny surfaces create a sense of provocation and form the backdrop for an intimate scenography that also incorporates the other elements of the interior. The surrounding smaller tables are fitted with lamps from a new collection that accentuate the mist of Puro Single without detracting from its dominance as the focal point of the room, complementing it with a soft luminosity. The Puro Floor collection was designed specifically for the Miura Hotel, giving the restaurant its minimalist, elegant form and variability as a fascinating lighting tool. The new battery-powered Sfera Portable lamp was chosen for the restaurant’s outdoor areas, with its glass globe and multi-angled fixture providing a natural extension to the indoor lighting.