The lamp collection Ingo Maurer I Ricchi Poveri

The I Ricchi Poveri lamps, which Ingo Maurer has created since 2014, are very special table lamps: All three combine a light bulb with playful, charming details. The I Ricchi Poveri Toto, for example, has two wires and a cap made of brass at the top. This makes it reminiscent of a stylised mouse. The cap can be lacquered in black, red, white or brass colours. At first glance, the I Ricchi Poveri Bzzzz has a similar design, but instead of a cap, it has a spirit level made of anodised aluminium. Here, the colours blue, red and green are offered.

The latest table lamp from the series is the Ingo Maurer I Ricchi Poveri Monument for a Bulb. It has been available since August 2015 and surprises with a new, unusual design. Eight small figures made of nickel silver and a bulb are attached to a plate, as they are also used in the other two lamps from this collection. The figures all look different and are fixed in different places on the plate.