Ognidove a wireless mood light by Cini & Nils

The Ognidove by Cini & Nils creates a wireless mood light that can be controlled by touch dimmer. Equally suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. For relaxing, reading and as table decoration. Ognidove is available as a table lamp and as a floor lamp and allows a combination with the single flower vase. In addition, it offers individual design possibilities through free combination of the individual elements in the finishes gold, silver and matt black, which can be purchased individually. In the table version, there is a magnet at the base of the two elements lamp and vase, which allows free positioning on the base or directly on any metal surface. Due to its great adaptability, Ognidove is suitable for any occasion of conviviality: provided with a flower, it creates the ideal atmosphere for dinners, while with dried flowers it becomes a refined furnishing element. Ognidove means “everywhere” because it is cordless and can be placed anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

Ognidove das kabelloses Stimmungslicht von Cini&Nils