11 unique table lamps to enhance interior design

Sometimes the search for the best furniture to adorn a sideboard, console table, entrance dresser or other item ends with the choice of table lamps that not only enhance the appearance of the room in which they are placed, but also perform the lighting function. In addition to the more classic models or those available in large retailers, there are also models with more refined designs and completely handmade production that convey the search for originality and exclusivity in their decor. Here are some of Knikerboker’s suggestions to complement your interior design. Using a very finely worked aluminium wire, a particularly ductile material suitable for expressing all the quality of a truly handmade work, Gigi Ranica has created works of undoubted artistic value. The Kubini, Qubetto and Cilindri collections reproduce lighting with cubic and cylindrical shapes, starting from a meticulous and intricate interweaving that can only be brought to life by the infinite skill of a skilful and experienced craftsman. Oversized, unusual objects that can evoke astonishment and emotion.

Liquids and electricity are elements that notoriously don’t get along, but when handled with the necessary skill, they can create magic and emotion. In Sei fuori!, an indoor and outdoor collection, the light is literally immersed in water, creating an ethereal and enveloping play of light suitable for any environment. Bevici su!, on the other hand, is a lamp designed to accompany the most beautiful moments of everyday life: It is a circular base that also serves as a coaster for wine glasses, allowing a play of lightly balanced light and the tasteful harmony of shapes that unites sensations and gives them momentum. Steel may look like a useless and static material until it is shaped and folded upon itself to create a casket inside that bursts to reveal its treasure, or an oyster with a secret of light, a light that radiates the surroundings: Gi.Gi.Table Lamp is available in gold leaf, silver, bronze, copper and copper leaf finishes, as well as total white and matte black base colours. On the other hand, someone else might prefer the refinement of more enveloping curves, such as the cylindrical shapes of Hue, which create a new and sensual cut of light. But Knikerboker has many other exclusive concepts in its catalogue that redefine the lamp concept. Starting with Confusione, a project that avoids precise patterns and offers the beauty of chance; Ekliptica, an elegant sphere of aluminium leaves; Do Not Disturb, the emblematic vision of a magnifying glass with dual-spectrum LEDs; and Solaria, a line designed to provide mercury light to plants.