The Chapeaux table lamp is a new product from Foscarini

A refined, elegant lamp capable of changing personality thanks to the hat it wears. With Chapeaux, the research started by Rodolfo Dordoni with Buds (a transparent base and a forceful diffuser) takes a new step forward, adding a new level of versatility that transforms the lamp’s character, the quality of the light and its decorative impact.
The components of Chapeaux – all easy to remove for cleaning – have been reduced to a minimum. The conceptual core of the project is the inclusion of three diffuser-hats in different forms, materials and finishes: three in metal, two in glass and one in porcelain. Open at the center, they rest on the transparent body of the lamp, made of borosilicate glass, which also sustains the light source: an ampoule that contains the technical lighting components and seems to float inside the glass.

Die Tischleuchte Chapeaux eine Neuheit von Foscarini

Specially designed, the ampoule radiates light into the diffusers, making it reach the tabletop with an intense but soft glow, completely without glare. The small stem above the globe of light is a touch dimmer with multiple positions, to regulate on-off functions while varying the luminous intensity. The transparency of the support augments the magic of the experience: when the lamp is off the transparent glass body almost vanishes from view, but it appears discreetly when the light is on, subtly conveying its substance.
The choice of the hat also dictates the quality of the light. The metal version, white on the inside, reflects the light onto the surface below, which is perfect for desktop lighting. The hats in glass and Bone China offer a softer, ambient experience, because the brightness crosses the diffuser, making it glow from within. Thanks to the form of the hats, with a central opening, the light is also emitted upward, making the Foscarini Chapeaux perfect to brighten the surrounding space.