The Chiaroscura floor lamp is a new product from Foscarini

Chiaroscura owes its distinctive personality to the delightful lighting effect and to the original sync between form and function. Simultaneously understated yet packed with character, it is a discrete presence that masks a concealed technical complexity, in the spirit of Foscarini. Designed by Alberto Meda and Francesco Meda, Chiaroscura stems from a design challenge: to explore the possibility of enhancing the functionality of a classic luminator, which by definition only emits indirect up light. The elegant and lightweight body, which is totally illuminated and not just illuminating, was the goal which led to the definition of the shape, the choice of materials and manufacturing technologies.

Die Stehleuchte Chiaroscura eine Neuheit von Foscarini

Chiaroscura is made up of three semi-arches which describe a specific triangular cross-section: a design choice that proves to be a balanced presence which thinks outside the box, because it is capable of changing depending on the perspective. Its frame is an alternation of matt and luminous surfaces which lighten the visual impact of the lamp, made with extruded aluminium and PMMA in longitudinal prisms that concurrently ensure transparency and comfortable diffusion of light. Chiaroscura therefore casts both a powerful indirect light, originating from the LED inserted at the top, as well as an indirect light on the wall or diffused into the room depending on how the lamp is adjusted, thanks to the LED strip housed inside along the full height of one of the extruded aluminium components. The slim and visibly light body of the Foscarini Chiaroscura and its warm and welcoming light make it flexible, versatile, capable of conveying its discrete personality and embellishing various settings, from residential environments to the world of contracts, offices and the home. The surface treatment of the liquid-coated aluminium creates an authentic texture which remains visible and is available in two colours – dark red and titanium – which lend the two versions either a bolder or a more refined personality.