The Foscarini Aplomb pendant light now also available in anthracite

Pendant lamp with direct light. Cement diffuser made of a special, pigment-coloured amalgam, produced by pouring the liquid mixture into a mould. In addition to the colour variants already included in the catalogue, all Foscarini Aplomb pendant luminaire models are now also available in the new, extremely adaptable anthracite grey colour. In this anthracite-coloured version, the aluminium collar between the concrete luminaire body and the cable is also anthracite-coloured and not black as in the other colours in the catalogue. Ceiling rose with galvanised metal bracket and burnished ABS cover. 220/240 V version: all three models with black rosette and black cable. 120 V: black rosette and black cable for Aplomb Large, black rosette and transparent cable for Aplomb and Aplomb Mini. Set for rosette decentralisation available for all models and multiple rosette for up to 9 suspensions.

The Foscarini Aplomb is a light family of luminaires, an extremely elegant and formally very simple model that softens the massive solidity of the concrete by emphasising its material aspect, raw and refined at the same time. A new, elegant and versatile anthracite grey joins a collection already rich in different colour variations obtained by pigments added directly to the cement mix. A colour that differs from cement grey, Aplomb’s classic and highly successful colour. Popular in kitchens and contemporary settings, the anthracite version also features a nuanced collar that distinguishes the luminaire from the six versions already in the catalogue.

Die Foscarini Aplomb Pendelleuchte

Aplomb provides direct, pinpoint illumination of the level below. Its dimensions allow it to be used on its own, e.g. above a side table, in a row to illuminate a top, or in compositions at different heights. The Large version is not only larger, but also has an LED light source inserted into the body of the luminaire, which illuminates the level below with a wider beam of light. Finally, the family also includes a smaller version of the original: Foscarini Aplomb Mini. It can be suspended in the living or contract area alone or in combination with other models above tables, counters or peninsulas.