Lamps for the restaurant industry here with a “wow effect

Let us be clear about this: When we work in the hospitality industry, we serve to please the guest by creating beauty and luxury. You have to try to impress them and make them remember the place, tell their friends about it and come back. That’s why unusual, original PUFF-BUFF lighting is a great idea for your HoReCa client.

1. the wow effect
There is no second chance to make a first impression. Following this principle, we have prepared the HALF-MEGASTAR chandelier (diameter 150 cm) and 3 custom-made HIGH-TOWER chandeliers for the main entrance of this apartment hotel. Here our lighting creates a “Wow!” effect.

2. big and light
What is the easiest way to make a big impression? A BIG chandelier, a solution that has been used for centuries (or maybe even longer). Make it BIG and you are guaranteed a BIG effect! Additionally, with BUBBLES, a chandelier can be very light, freeing you from many technical problems. Above: EMPEROR’S chandelier, the largest in the PUFF-BUFF collection.

3. we want to stand out
It’s no good having the same as the other venues. Original lighting, new concepts – they make interiors unique and let you stand out from the competition. The BUBBLES® Divider, an intelligent lighting solution, illuminates and divides the space at the same time for that extraordinary look.

4. a warm welcome
Above all, the reception is a hotel’s business card. This is where hotel guests orientate themselves, where they want to experience friendly sincerity and the feeling of your temporary home.
A good hotel is a temporary home. At the same time, we expect it to be a better version of our home, spacious, spectacular, equipped with the best design.

5. emotional lighting
Lighting that evokes positive emotions transforms a stay into a new experience. We present an amazing place to spend the evening, HALL OF FAME, Kino de Luxe, Osnabrück. The atmospheric interior of this unique cinema is colourful and illuminated with lamps and chandeliers by PUFF-BUFF. Star, superstar and megastar are there to create a truly fancy space with many features. Will you see yourself there soon?

6. perfect balance
When designing a meeting room, we think of a special place with well-chosen details and perfectly chosen lighting. And we try to find a clever design with a different style. The lighting needs to be well balanced between illuminating the space and creating the ideal mood. Like here in the Sphinx Music Club in Switzerland, equipped with QUEEN’S chandeliers.

Leuchten für das Gastgewerbe hier mit "Wow Effekt"