Like glowing grass that is Munich Reeds by Lichtlauf

Our Munich Reeds lamp fulfils the desire for atmospheric points of reference in a room at night. Hardly visible during the day, the lamp creates a new perception of space in the dark. The stalks of Munich Reeds by Lichtlauf are flexible and stable, move in the wind and thus integrate very well into the surrounding vegetation. Suitable for flower beds, gravel areas or shallow water zones in semi-public and private areas…. 12 light-conducting, handmade stalks create the impression of luminous grass. Due to the special manufacturing process, each blade is unique and allows the composition into unique clumps. Munich Reeds by Lichtlauf finds its place in gravel or grass as well as in shallow waters. Lichtlauf has its own light collection. Our passion for unconventional materials, colours and methods is reflected in the individual objects.

Wie leuchtendes Gras das ist die Munich Reeds von Lichtlauf