Akari Design lamps now also available online

The Hamburg-based design company AKARI- DESIGN was founded in 1990 by Erika Gülich and Arno Strack. The top priority in the development of luminaires is always to bring modern design and classic forms into harmony with each other. At the same time, the essential must not be lost sight of: that a lamp also illuminates the room appropriately. Clear shapes and high-quality materials give the lamps by AKARI, such as the Kyoto, not only a physical function, but also a psychological one. High-quality workmanship and finest stainless steel give the AKARI lamps an emotional effect and underline the architectural design language of the collections. The lamps of the Hamburg company are sources of light that do not bore, but also do not take over the whole room for themselves. Through this balance in every single Akari lamp, AKARI-DESIGN has managed to gain a foothold not only in living areas but also in office spaces and hotels throughout Europe, the USA and the Far East. An example of Akari’s award-winning design lamps is the Akari New Frame. The Akari New Frame is a highly polished and nickel-coated table lamp. The rectangular shape of the Akari New Frame provides a clear optic. The almost centrally located lamp is a beautiful contrast to the angular frame of the lamp. The lamp has an integrated dimmer on the textile supply line and is 33 cm high and 36 cm wide. The Akari New Frame has an E 27 socket and is available with an LED or halogen bulb. The Akari New Frame is puristic and at the same time unusual – an eye-catcher in every room.