The philosophy of the design lamps from Karman

Be, Amaze, Create. Three words that express the guiding principle that inspires Karman in the creation of its designer lamps. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, decorative lighting must be able to add functionality and magic to any context. It must be able to surprise and delight, creating a unique environment with a strong personality. Whether it is decorative lamps for prestigious private homes or contract lighting for hotels, restaurants and more exclusive clubs, Karman is able to propose the solutions that best suit the mood of the place and make it memorable. The designer pendant, wall, ceiling and table luminaires feature innovative shapes, materials and technologies to meet any lighting and style requirement.

The will to dream, keeping our feet on the ground and aware of the essential role that decorative lighting plays in giving any place a strong aesthetic impact while ensuring the right visual comfort. Rooted in the Italian province and looking to far horizons. Lateral thinking and concreteness. Shared values such as a common passion for light as function and magic. It’s like a sheet of paper that becomes a unique designer lamp on which to write words of love. The Italian company Karman Leuchten was founded in 2005 in Fossombrone, in the heart of the Marche region. It keeps discovering new, unconventional materials and distributes its decorative lamps, which bear the indelible mark of “Made in Italy” quality, all over the world.

A look at the unpredictability of things, the lightness of knowledge, the dream, the ability to create and the emotion of wonder that awakens a smile and curiosity. Each time, a different alchemy leads Karman to create not simple lamps but new light sculptures. Each time, a different story becomes the central idea of new projects. Lighting is a constant source of inspiration. It is the imperceptible element that beautifies the environment and makes it appear from a different perspective, thanks to designer lighting that leaves an impression.

Die Philosophie der Designleuchten von Karman