Foscarini has launched a special edition of the Binic in red

The Foscarini Binic red in a new special edition, a colour that is characteristic of Foscarini and conveys energy and joie de vivre to decorate different areas of the house with character. Not only a new colour, but also a new refined finish. A special matt lacquering coats both the typical round head and the cone-shaped lamp base, giving the lamp elegance and a pleasant feel. New details enrich this version, making it even more interesting. A distinctive design that is popular for its friendly and ironic appeal. In its red dress, the Christmas colour par excellence, the Foscarini Binic becomes an ideal Christmas gift. Besides the special matt lacquer finish, the Foscarini Binic red comes in its own packaging, wrapped in a reusable bag made of raw woven cotton, with drawstrings and Foscarini logo. A cable strap, also with logo, allows for a neat cable tie and makes the lamp recognisable in the display.