Illuminate the winter with lighting from Vibia

Thanks to the slight tilt of the Earth’s axis, we experience the changing of the seasons. The northern hemisphere is plunged into shorter, colder days in winter. Daylight becomes weaker and scarcer, which must be compensated for. The winter mood comes as we move closer together and the home takes on special significance. Lighting is one of the most important ways in which our indoor spaces respond to these changing weather conditions and promote our mental and physical well-being. Just as we adapt our diets and the way we dress to the coldest time of the year, our moods register how our spaces change at this time of year. The winter sun is low and its rays are fragile and piercing. In the past, chandeliers captured this impression and thus took centre stage during the winter season. Nowadays, modern lamps made of furrowed glass take over this role by reflecting the light from outside during the day and refracting their light at night. This creates geometric patterns reminiscent of the frozen structure of snowflakes. When we use subdued lighting in our homes, our eyes are better accustomed to the winter light conditions outside. When this cosy, indirect lighting is combined with a practical piece of furniture, it takes on an additional function. Likewise, textures gain a greater role in interior design during the months with less daylight. Not only because of their tactile nature, but also because of the visual significance they add to our homes in winter. Nothing beats a lamp that illuminates softly and uniformly, highlighting furniture and the textures of materials. Ceiling lights are a godsend in winter, as light shining down from above has the effect of soft, natural daylight. A wall light can maintain this effect after dark. Wintertime invites us to spend more time indoors. Islands of light in the living room are an excellent choice to create areas for reading, relaxing and watching your favourite show. With a sculptural design, the space is both shaped and illuminated. The most popular destination for winter getaways are the mountains: the snow, the clear air, the light make them the perfect place to relax. Crackling fires, communal meals and après-ski set the scene in the mountain huts. Starry night skies become visible all at once as we escape the city. In the interior, pendant lamps with their points of light can recreate this fascinating effect. If a few armchairs, a carpet and a living room table are arranged by the fireplace and a special light source is also added, winter cosiness is quickly created. When night falls early, deep shadows evoke intimacy and cosiness. During the day, the lamps complement each other and present themselves as an attractive, decorative ensemble.

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