The lighting designer Christian Flindt

Copenhagen-based lighting, furniture and industrial designer Christian Flindt (b. 1972) has made an international name for himself with fresh, bold designs and an experimental approach designed to create new connections between people. Christian Flindt graduated from the Aarhus School of Architecture with an MAA and MDD in 2002 and founded his own design studio in 2003. He has been working with Louis Poulsen since 2006 and developed the Flindt 220 floor lamp, the Flindt 220 pendant lamp, the Flindt 475 pendant lamp, the Flindt bollard lamp, the LP Grand pendant lamp and the Flindt wall lamp. In his work with LED design, he has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to unite such disparate fields as lighting and furniture design. Flindt has won numerous awards for his designs, such as the Bolig Magasinet Design Award for the Flindt series he designed for Louis Poulsen and the 2014 ELFORSK Award from Danish Energy for the Flindt bollard light.

Der Lichtdesigner Christian Flindt