An LED insert for the Light in Space Ocular series

Dear fans of Licht im Raum‘s manufactured products, we want our lamps to “live” longer, because sustainability should not just be an empty phrase.

Important information for all those who decided some time ago to buy a quality product from our manufactory in the form of lamps from the Licht im Raum OCULAR series:
The design of Ocular that was common at the time was based on a halogen lamp with a B15d bayonet base and was produced in this form between 1996 and 2010. These lamps are no longer manufactured due to an EU directive.

We wanted to ensure that our high-quality products could continue to be used and, together with the Ledes company, we developed LED inserts that can be easily inserted into the lamps without the need for tools. The characteristic direct and indirect light distribution is retained and, incidentally, the lamps subsequently consume only 10% of the electricity they did before the conversion, with the same brightness.