The manufacturer Marset offers functional lamps for reading

At Marset, we want to define spaces through lighting and offer different lamps that can transform any room into a suitable place for reading, either for working or relaxing. The Ledtube is one of the most functional lamps in the collection and a great ally for reading. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it can be moved 360º and can be easily integrated into any room by folding it into the wall. An ingenious lamp that has managed to light up the rooms of countless hotels – in several of them as a standard product.
Designed to be placed at the headboard of the bed, the Marset No 8 can be aimed to give you the light and focus you need. A lamp that invites interaction. This design by Christophe Mathieu, available in oak and wenge, is handcrafted.
Emblematic and timeless, the Marset Funiculí works with a clamping system that allows the lampshade to be used in any of its ways: as a floor, table or wall lamp. It is available in two very different finishes: aluminium or textile and both can illuminate directly or indirectly, for reading or to create atmosphere. A design so versatile that it solves both contract and residential projects.
Ramírez and Carrillo manage to make the Marset Copérnica look like a mobile sculpture, it is so light that it can move almost weightlessly. Its head can be swivelled and allows for an easy alignment of the light point.