Tips for lighting the office with elegance and functionality

When thinking about the lighting project of an office, one immediately thinks of how to set up a work that focuses mainly on the aspect of functionality, and therefore provides the right light to the individual workstations of the desks and all work areas, in order to also ensure the right rest for the eyes of the users. But even in the reality of modern offices, which increasingly reflect the image of a company, the project can (and must) contribute to creating an elegant and satisfying aesthetic, and we will see how below. The position of light sources plays an essential role in the study of office lighting, as in any other environment, as it has a major impact on the overall performance. The first basic rule is that no light source should be positioned perpendicular to the work area; however, sometimes the architectural and vegetal features of the environment do not allow this; in this case, it is therefore necessary to choose systems with controlled emissions that do not offer diffuse projection.

An ideal solution is to place light sources for general lighting on the sides of the room and then combine them with table lamps placed on the desk. The best light colour you can choose for an office is neutral, i.e. between 3000K and 4000K: this is the most natural and restful light colour there is, and it is useful for not straining the eyes and for promoting concentration and thus productivity.

To create harmonious and pleasantly usable spaces, it is important to create indirect lighting that brightens the room as a whole and not just on the work surface, to improve visual comfort by enlarging the space and making it wider and more comfortable for people. The indirect and general light must then be supplemented by direct light from the individual workstations: People working at desks need homogeneous and diffuse light that is not too aggressive.

Tipps zur Beleuchtung des Büros mit Eleganz und Funktionalität