Pic-a-Stic a new pendant lamp by Ingo Maurer

A new, innovative pendant lamp complements the playful and humorous collection by Ingo Maurer. Pic-a-Stic captures the moment when the sticks of the classic game “Mikado” are released before they fall apart. Pic-a-Stic consists of a light source, 50 lacquered wooden sticks and a black rubber ring that fixes the sticks in the air. Pic-a-Stic is available in two colour sets. The purist version consists of black and white rods as well as two red rods, while the colourful version contains blue, red and orange rods. The lamp can be enlarged by pulling out the wooden rods above the luminaire body and mounted according to two plug-in options: The rods can be arranged crosswise or parallel. This results in more than a dozen different set-ups that can be varied and extended by individual colour combinations.

Pic-a-Stic eine neue Pendelleuchte von Ingo Maurer