The new original, portable rechargeable lamp Sips from Marset

Original, minimalist and functional – that’s the new portable lamp Sips. The discreet and timeless design is dedicated to a clearly defined purpose: to delimit a specific space with its lighting and create an intimate atmosphere in it – even outdoors.

The small-format, opaque lampshade provides direct lighting without dazzling or attracting too much attention. The slightly wider base gives the lamp stability and has a touch switch with three different light intensities. The design is also available in two different colours, namely a warm white with a silver stem and a dark brown with a golden stem. Both versions fit effortlessly into restaurants or other leisure areas.

The compact Marset table lamp can be used without a cable and impresses with its simple structure and neutral colours. The discreet appearance manages without any formal or colourful opulence and therefore integrates seamlessly into the look of its surroundings. No detail is too much here, which is why the model is not tied to any location and can be positioned as desired. At the same time, it guarantees high-quality lighting in restaurants and bars as well as on terraces and in other outdoor areas.

After all, these are precisely the places where we like to linger. However, two basic requirements must be met: enough time and a carefully and subtly designed space with the right lighting.