The manufacturer Fritz Hansen presents the Fred lounge chair

Elegant from every angle, the Fred™ lounge chair is a nod to a quiet and comfortable life. Designed by Jamie Hayon, the chair features a low, open silhouette and a sculptural wooden frame that has been carefully crafted and assembled by hand. The wide, flat armrests and upright seating position support the neck and arms – ideal for long social hours or reading.
The history of Fritz Hansen is characterised by amazing craftsmanship, unique design and an inherent sense of premium quality. Leading architects and furniture designers from around the world have regularly contributed to the collection of beautifully shaped and functional furniture pieces that seamlessly complement each other through the use of innovative techniques and new materials. Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjærholm, Jaime Hayon, Piero Lissoni, Kasper Salto and Cecilie Manz – the master class of designers is vast and the list of furniture pieces of classic and iconic fame correspondingly long. Our design philosophy reflects our history and inspires the creation of new, simple, sculptural and original pieces of furniture that are timeless and modern. Fritz Hansen’s design is visionary and brings out the best in high-quality materials. Every detail is carefully considered, the process is extensive and the high quality is part of the look, which is unique and instantly recognisable. The overall style is international and exudes class. Each piece of furniture is high quality in its own way and has a strong identity as well as the ability to discreetly enhance any space. These furniture pieces are perfect for modern urbanites and international companies with a confident taste for elegance and understated luxury, and a desire to strengthen their identity and image. People who want to make a statement that is entirely their own.