Wever and Ducre Lighting presents the Darf lamp series

With the DARF lamps, the designers MARCH GUT and the architect Philipp Weinberger have taken the principle of “less is more” to a whole new level. This is why the reduced lamp fits perfectly into modern living or office spaces, which it illuminates without any shadows thanks to its slim design. And it does so from any desired height. This is made possible by a flexible suspension system that allows the tubular luminaire to be positioned individually. By the way: DARF is similarly flexible as a wall luminaire, which can be used to create great lighting objects. Simply hang several lamps close to each other to create wow effects.

Every story needs a beginning. Ours begins in the early eighties, when a handful of young Belgians decide to start a lighting company. So far so good. But what name should the company have? Since several official languages are spoken in Belgium – Flemish and French, among others – and the company founders did not want to decide for either one or the other, only one option remained: the name should be phonetically at home in both worlds. During the lively discussion, the young entrepreneurs happened to come across a document that was to play a decisive role in the company’s history: a guideline that explains in five points how to be successful in life – through hard work (WErklust), trust (VERtrouwen), enthusiasm (DUrf), coupled with courage and a good portion of creativity (CREativiteit). That is our basis and our company philosophy.

Today, we stand for very trendy lamps that not only look great, but also score with inner values. LED lamps of the latest generation that feel just as comfortable in a small attic flat as in the hippest club in town. Because they save space, conserve resources and thus quite simply ensure a better quality of life. And that is exactly what we at Wever & Ducré want. From whom do we draw our inspiration? From people like you who share our enthusiasm for beautiful things and place just as much value on noble design as on high-quality workmanship. And to ensure that the cool, high-quality pendant lamps reach our customers as quickly as possible, we deliver promptly and directly from stock – From Belgium with Love!

Whether it’s for a home office upgrade, a living room refresh or that new hotel project with the cosy terrace that’s on your mind, you’ll find the perfect lamp for your application in our new catalogue. Indoor or outdoor, cleverly designed, flexible and very easy to install. Be inspired by more than 4,500 products and more than 600 fascinating projects.