Aertssen Logistics – Discreet Lighting

A futuristic corporate building that gives the impression of a modern ship, in an industrial setting. A contrast that is unique. The lighting system chosen is as unique as the building – so powerful that it was used for the majority of the interior for various ceiling heights (up to over five metres). The requirement beyond that was that no lighting fixtures should be visible from the outside through the transparent façade. Upon entering the entrance hall, customers and visitors immediately understand what the Belgian family-owned company Aertssen Logistics stands for. Authentic materials such as wood, natural stone, warm colours, perfect lighting and historical images visualise the company’s values: quality, reliability and passion. Interior designer Eef Debeuf has conveyed warmth and quality in an industrial environment with a well thought-out interior design and thanks to the lighting concept.

When it comes to lighting, no light sources should be visible through the transparent façade. Nothing should distract from the beautiful shape of the building. The requirement was to choose a lamp that is small, has a beautiful design and yet meets the demands for high quality light in an office environment. Furthermore, the desire was to create unity between the areas on the different floors with one and the same lamp. The solution for this was found with the UNICO downlight. It fulfils all requirements: Almost invisible and so powerful that UNICO was used for different ceiling levels such as the entrance hall with a height of more than five metres and for the general office areas. In the office zones and meeting rooms, the luminaires must be discreet. The focus is on the quality of light. Light should not be distracting in these areas. In the café corners and lounge zones, on the other hand, decorative lighting was chosen to define relaxation areas. Employees should feel a different atmosphere in the areas where they take a break. The XAL MINO lamp helps to enhance this feeling. On the executive floor and in the meeting rooms, the black MOVE IT track with spotlights and spotlights was used alongside UNICO. UNICO offers different shapes and light inserts and could therefore be used for all areas. The square version with nine inserts in the highly glare-reduced version (UGR < 19) was used above desks. UNICO also owes its versatility to its simple, unobtrusive design. The lamp takes a back seat in the rooms themselves to perfectly accentuate the surrounding architecture. In the recessed version, UNICO disappears almost invisibly into the ceiling.