The Umbra lighting collection from the Bomma glassworks

Every detail of this lighting collection embodies the relation of geometric objects and their shadows with sophisticated elegance. Its metal plate derives from the perfectly elliptical shadow cast by a crystal ball and mirrors the refined color scheme of the mouth-blown piece. BOMMA’s traditional glassmaking techniques ensure that each piece from this collection is truly an original. Its combination of perfect details, elemental shapes and delicate pastel colors makes Umbra a true jewel for your interiors.

Die Beleuchtungskollektion Umbra aus der Glasmacherei Bomma

Founded in 2012, Bomma is continuously bringing the traditional Czech glassmaking craft to a new and dynamic level. With centuries of glassmaking tradition in East Bohemia behind us, we now have the advantage of a rich pool of talent and skills at the highest level. Rather than simply upholding these traditions, Bomma goes one step further and sets the highest standards of glassmaking today.
Our master craftsmen are supported by around 300 enthusiastic team members in a new and state-of-the-art production facility that thrives on in-house technology. Bomma produces 6 tonnes of refined, extra-clear crystal every day. Our bespoke high-tech machines for precise melting and measuring allow our artisans to reach their maximum potential for hand finishing, enhancing and refining what has always been great. Our purpose-built technology lends itself to otherwise unattainable customisations and colour blends.