Albert GmbH produces quality lamps in the Sauerland region of Germany

Our Albert manufactory has been in existence since 1864 – which means that we have been able to delight our customers with our high-quality metal goods for over 150 years. In the 1950s, we finally specialised in the manufacture of outdoor lamps. We bring you illumination for your house, yard and garden. Flexibility is also a big issue for us here: our outdoor lamps can be operated with LED bulbs, so-called retrofits or also with energy-saving lamps. By consistently investing in new technologies, we have created a lean and responsive organisational structure as well as efficient production processes. This enables us to offer you our products, lamps and luminaires at extremely attractive prices. Quality and sustainability are our top priorities. Only high-quality materials such as glass, aluminium and stainless steel – durable and recyclable – are processed by us. From these raw materials, we develop lamps with an appealing design and lasting value. At Albert Leuchten, we put a lot of manual work into our products before they leave our factory. Before that, of course, there is a thorough inspection and quality assurance. In order to protect the environment, it is a matter of course for us to construct our lamps in such a way that they can be repaired at any time. All our spare parts are covered by a years-long replacement guarantee. It is our aim that you as a customer should enjoy our luminaire products for as long as possible. This is what Gebrüder Albert GmbH & Co. KG stands for with its good name!

Flexibility and creativity are very important to us. The technical know-how of our experts and our many years of experience in the design and manufacture of high-quality lamps enable us to realise a wide range of sophisticated and efficient lighting solutions. Many of the designs we develop are protected by trademarks, registered designs or utility models. Thanks to the high proportion of in-house production and the resulting flexibility, we are also able to respond particularly flexibly to individual customer requests. For example, our lighting specialists also develop technically sophisticated special luminaires in dialogue with the customer. In this respect, there are practically no limits to design creativity. From historical to modern, we offer you the right product for every purpose and every building. You can find Albert products in our shop now.

Die Albert GmbH produziert Qualitäts Leuchten im Sauerland