Customised lighting solutions for modern lighting design

It all starts with a passion for light. For more than 30 years, we have been working with architects, designers and planners to develop individual state-of-the-art lamps that also impress with their style and aesthetics. Always with one goal in mind: to push the boundaries of what is technically feasible and thus enable visionary designs. This succeeds because our employees in our design labs as well as production and sales locations all over the world deliver top performance. Being there for our customers on site is fundamental to joint success. Thanks to organisational efficiency and a high level of in-house production depth, we can respond individually to our customers’ needs and continuously expand our existing product portfolio. Meeting seemingly impossible requirements is our daily drive and inspiration. From novel concept to luminaire innovation: a path created by pushing boundaries.

In our Barcelona Creative Lab (BCL), light and design merge. The location is in close exchange with the XAL Competence Center (XALcc) in Graz – two worlds that inspire and complement each other. Our staff research trends, think them through further and develop concepts at the cutting edge of lighting technology. To this end, we work with international lighting designers, architects and planners in a constant effort to push boundaries and make challenging designs possible. Courage and openness are the values in our Design Lab that produce groundbreaking innovations.

Our centre of excellence provides the laboratory infrastructure needed to turn cool ideas into revolutionary products. At XAL HQ, design prototypes are perfected step by step, technologically, economically and in terms of design, right up to the assembly test. As all relevant development, testing and production processes are carried out in-house, we can also implement customised products and special customer requests quickly and flexibly. The results speak for themselves: over 70 registered patents worldwide and a continuously growing product portfolio that achieves extraordinary things.

Maßgeschneiderte Beleuchtungslösungen für modernes Lichtdesign