The Marset Dipping Light pendant lamp by Jordi Canudas

The Marset Dipping Light not only provides pleasant lighting, but is also a real pleasure for the observer. When switched on, its sight is captivating thanks to its multi-layered shades, which slightly dim the effect of the light and thus immerse the room in a magical atmosphere. But also when switched off, the glass sphere with its different colour nuances really comes into its own.

Actually, the Marset Dipping Light was created in the context of an experiment: Canudas dipped a luminous light bulb several times in paint, so that the different layers of colour drew circles of the same centre. The resulting lamp elegantly captures the light and dims its intensity, while the colour diffuses the light in warm tones and gives density to the rays. Since these lamps are handcrafted, each one is exclusively unique.

As a pendant lamp, the Dipping Light appears completely detached and reflects on the essentials; the focus is exclusively on the play of colours. The combination of several lamps creates an exceptionally fascinating effect. The model is available in three different sizes, with a diameter of 12, 20 or 30 cm. With the cluster, several pendant lamps can be fed from one power connection, allowing different lighting concepts to be implemented without any restrictions at all, in order to illuminate extensive spaces or to create compositions.

Die Pendelleuchte Marset Dipping Light von Jordi Canudas