The atmospheric pendant lamp by designer Lucie Koldova

Puro by designer Lucie Koldova is a bold, minimalist take on the atmospheric pendant lamps. The latest addition to the popular collection is an elegant floor lamp called Puro Floor. The inspiration for the collection and its name comes from the Spanish word for “cigar”, which also means “pure” and refers to the clean, minimalist lines of the lamps.

The diffuse glow of the tubes combined with striking spotlights creates a dynamic and enchanting ambience in any space, while the alternating glossy and matt surfaces provide a certain provocation and complement other elements in the interior to create a unique new scenography. Puro is ideal for lighting residential spaces as well as public spaces such as offices, restaurants, hotels, boutiques and showrooms.

Puro is made possible by centuries of tradition and the vast experience of master glassmakers. The precise workmanship of mouth-blown glass gives all BROKIS products a distinctive, lasting character and outstanding quality. The glass shades are formed from several layers of molten glass, each of which is inspected by the master glassmakers before being blown into the mould. Up to 70% of the quality is achieved at this stage of production.