LZF SWIRL, a lamp in real wood veneer

With the pendant lamp LZF SWIRL, the designer RAY POWER has succeeded in creating a masterpiece. Intertwined waves of fine real wood veneer form a circle that symbolically represents infinity. The light shines softly through the grain. Each lamp is always unique. Shape, material and colour have a harmonising and invigorating effect on each of us at the same time – whether customer, restaurant operator or family. SWIRL stands for timelessness, formal rigour and harmony and for a conscious, sustainable use of wood as a natural material.

Ray Power completed his architecture studies at the Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland and moved to Valencia, where he quickly met Marivi Calvo and Sandro Tothill from LZF-LAMPS. Thanks to Ray’s original ideas and his deep understanding of the material real wood veneer and light, they have been developing magical lamps together since 1998. Geometric, moving volumes are composed from flat veneer. Ray Power has won many international awards for his lamps, such as Red Dot, Chicago Green Good Design or a nomination by the German Design Council.