LED track spotlight for light accents in museum lighting

With the lenses and sliders of the seventies 70’s plus contour spotlight by Mawa, pictures can be focused in such a way that they appear to glow with sharp edges from within. The infinitely adjustable focusing lens defines the sharpness of the edge and the four contour sliders determine the shape and size of the illuminated area. From trapezoid to parallelogram to square, anything with four corners is possible – also infinitely variable. The brightness is controlled via a potentiometer on the track adapter. Another advantage of the contour spotlight: the possibility to glare-free emitting light and not to cause any stray light on the housing itself. The museum suitability has been tested and confirmed by an independent research institute (excellent colour rendering and relative light damage potential related to preventive conservation).

Since 1977, Mawa Design has stood for high-quality lighting solutions with a special focus on the use of selected materials and high-quality workmanship. The company Mawa Design was founded by Martin Wallroth. In Langerwisch near Potsdam, MAWA operates a unique mixture of design studio and factory on the renovated and listed Palmhof. Here, planning, development and production of Mawa lamps go hand in hand. The young team at Mawa Design loves working with unusual shapes and materials. In addition to individual luminaires for private and business premises, the Brandenburg think tank also develops professional spotlights and lighting systems. Mawa inspires with clear and pleasantly timeless lamps for indoors and outdoors.