Lighting to emphasize the architectural design

Interview with Thomas Geerlings from Framework Studio

Headquartered in the heart of Amsterdam, Framework Studio is a design firm that also has offices in Paris and Ibiza. With an evolving team of 20 young professionals who bring clients’ design dreams to life. They specialize in custom designs for private residences, shopping malls, hospitality and office complexes. Framework Studio founder and CEO Thomas Geerlings talks to us about his fascination with shadows and light, and the importance of well-thought-out lighting design. He can’t help but notice big differences between what clients from the Netherlands want on the one hand, and clients from Belgium or France on the other.

Client’s design company

“We prefer to call ourselves a design company. Because in our experience, an architect often stops at the furniture, and we are there to bridge that gap to a complete design.” Thomas Geerlings further explains, “We pay a lot of attention and attention to detail to interior design, lighting and furniture.”

Creative process

“Whenever we start a new project, we are inspired by three aspects. First, the client’s vision, which can vary widely, from an elderly person to a young family with seven children. They have different ideas about the design and use of a particular space. The location and age of a property are also factors that need to be taken into account,” says Thomas Geerlings. For this reason, Framework Studio has a wide variety of completed designs with the belief that “an observant eye would recognize our distinctive design.”

“With each design, we develop customized recommendations for each client. The interior design, core materials and type of lighting are all areas where nothing is overlooked. Lighting is used to accentuate the architectural design of the space and to highlight the special features of the space, such as a piece of art or a special piece of furniture like a chair.”

Beleuchtung zur Betonung der architektonischen Gestaltung eines Raumes


“The shadow is important and the way that shadow is formed to achieve the best result. This also applies to the type of luminaire used. Whether it’s recessed fixtures, square fixtures, round fixtures, or even a combination of both, we’re seeing them as popular choices right now. Lighting is susceptible to changing trends, and Kreon knows that. That’s why our collaboration has been so successful, because our well-established partnership brings with it a track record of success. I know Kreon strives for quality and craftsmanship because we’ve developed such an intuitive working relationship that we don’t have to send a lot of emails back and forth when we have a new project. This constructive and often natural collaboration is a win-win situation.

Not only is Kreon’s overall quality exceptional, but so is their passion for their craft. Their hand-blown glass, for example, is very impressive and these unique pieces are especially interesting to us!”
Aftersales is more important than sales

“Can something go wrong? Of course, but if you do nothing, nothing can go wrong. It’s inevitable that something will go wrong from time to time. But the way you handle that situation is the way you can make a difference, and Kreon excels at that, too. Aftersales is often more important than sales.”

“Aftersales is often more important than sales.”

“We guarantee quality, not only in products, but especially in services. We notice cultural differences in our clientele, for example, the Dutch are more reserved. They don’t tend to be extravagant in design and have a ‘standard is eccentric enough’ mentality. Belgians and French, on the other hand, have different priorities and need less persuasion to adopt a unique design.

“It gives us great satisfaction when a client accepts a design proposal with unique, high-end furniture or lighting fixtures that will leave a lasting impression in their home or office. No one complains about having too much quality in their home.

“No one complains about having too much quality in their home.”