The Foscarini Gregg Piccola lamp now with IP44 certification

The Foscarini Gregg family grows and integrates new usage and installation possibilities. The new IP44 certification allows the use also in the bathroom. In addition, a version has been developed that allows installation on the mirror thanks to its own ring system. A small point of light with great decorative character. An organic shape reminiscent of a pebble polished smooth by water that changes appearance depending on the viewer’s angle of vision.The new IP44 certification also allows it to be used in the bathroom and the completely closed shape that surrounds the lamp makes it ideal for use as a “make-up lamp”. A small light with an organic and soft shape that imprints the room with its own personality. In addition to the many sizes available in the luminaire family, the different appearance depending on the angle of view creates original graphics on the wall and ceiling. The mirror represents an essential point of light in bathroom planning. If you choose the small Foscarini Gregg as a mirror luminaire, you can create the right lighting atmosphere, while also creating an impressive original effect. You can install the Foscarini Gregg on the side of the mirror or integrate it into the mirror with the help of a hole.