The design by Jan des Bouvrie for Quasar Holland

An interior is like a mirror of the soul’ Jan des Bouvrie began his creative journey at the Rietveld Academy. With his idiosyncratic and progressive views, the young des Bouvrie gave an enormous boost to the design world. Des Bouvrie’s work increasingly took on a clear line and his signature became recognisable. With white as his trademark, he set up his own design studio.

His vision was further shaped by working together with various manufacturers. In 1969, the Dutch Gelderland Group furniture industry was the first to produce a design by Jan des Bouvrie: the cube sofa. This sleekly designed sofa has since become a design classic. In addition to furniture manufacturers, Des Bouvrie also designed for other companies such as Philips, KPN, Sony, Smart, Bruynzeel, Princess and Gamma.

In 1993, Des Bouvrie moved his design studio from Bussum to Naarden-Vesting. Together with his partner Monique, he transformed the monumental building ‘Het Arsenaal’ into a design studio of unprecedented class in the field of interior, architecture and product development. With his design team, des Bouvrie creates total designs with an eye for every detail. Each project, both at home and abroad, is supervised from A to Z with passion and attention.

Jan des Bouvrie has always had a clear goal: designing for everyone. At the time, when people thought design was only meant for the elite, des Bouvrie opposed this idea. He started designing quality products at an affordable price. This is how Jan des Bouvrie introduced the phenomenon of ‘democratic design’ to the Netherlands.

Das Design von Jan des Bouvrie für Quasar Holland